Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Human Anatomy - The Nervous System

The next stop on our journey through the human body is the nervous system.  Once again we took out several books on the subject from the library.  

L added the nerves and spinal column to her body by using green embroidery thread dipped in glue.  She braided some of the thread to make the spinal column.  Once that was finished she glued on a brain inside the skull and labelled it.
We talked about how the brain is the main control centre of the body and how it sends and receives messages through the nerves and spinal column.

Next L made this super cool brain hat which can be found here.  I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of those hardworking people who share their work for free with all of us.  You are so kind to share your learning tools with everyone!  L loved this activity.

We talked about all of our senses and what parts of the brain controls them.  We also did some brain games on the computer and looked at optical illusions. 
 One of our favourites was to look at a picture of many objects and try to memorize them for 1 minute.  We then waited for a minute and tried to recall them.  We both remembered over half which is supposed to be pretty good.

I finally got around to making some play dough for our next brain activity.  We looked up a brain model on the internet and L made it out of play dough and labelled the parts.  When she saw the picture I took she asked if she could edit it with an online editor we use.  This is her finished product. Much more spectacular!

To finish up the nervous system I wrote out cards for each part of the brain and what it controls.  I then wrote out different actions or things we do such as "taste a lemon", "watch a movie" "walk on a balance beam" and L had to place them under the correct part of the brain.

Next we are going to move away from systems for a bit and delve into the internal organs....

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