Thursday, 10 July 2014

Banyan Tree Oil Pastels

This is such a stunning yet simple art project.  I followed the directions from this site

First off L and I looked at different pictures of Banyan trees on the internet and talked about where you would find one and why they look how they do.

We then drew an outline of a tree onto our paper and painted it in with black acrylic paint.  L added her branches as she was painting.
Once the paint had dried we started colouring in each of the spaces with two colours trying to blend them together in the middle.  We both decided to have our trees in the water and therefore colour reflections.

This is L's completed work.  I love how she added the sun.  Now that she knows what the project is all about she said next time she will fill more of her page with branches.  I'm proud of her for sticking with all of the colouring as she had a lot of white space to fill.

This is my tree.  I really enjoyed doing this project along side L.

We have decided we are going to try this project again and make a whole forest of these magnificent trees!

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