Sunday, 6 July 2014

Human Anatomy-The Skeletal System

Our main project this summer is the human body.  
The first system is the skeletal system.

I traced around L onto a large piece of cardboard and then we cut it out.  We are gradually going to add every system onto L's body cutout.  I printed out a child sized skeleton and we cut it out and then L assembled it and glued it onto the cardboard.
Next was labelling all of the bones.  L used a sheet that I printed out for her to learn the bones and for labelling.

We spent a few days talking about and learning the names of the bones.  We played Simon Says touch your ...... as well ask just asking family members to touch a bone for L to learn.  I found a fun site where L could drag and drop the names of the bones onto a skeleton.  After all of this fun review L knows her bones!

Next we moved onto what actually makes up a bone.  We used one of the books we borrowed from the library to find a diagram of a bone and then we made this model out of a pool noodle, felt, a large straw and some embroidery thread.  It was a two person job as one had to hold the bits while the other used the glue gun.

After we had finished L labelled all of the parts.

The next day we learned about different types of bones.  I found this great printout explaining about the different types and then she coloured them in on the skeleton.
We also talked about joints and how they work and read about them in our library book.  We talked about how they have cartilage between them to keep them from grinding together and looked at another handout on the different types of joints.
 A fun game of joint charades followed where I wrote down some actions such as kick a ball, hop on one foot, throw a ball and then we had to act them out and say which joints we were using.
L finished off by labelling the joints on her cardboard body.

To recap I wrote out some research questions for L going over all of the things we had learned, L labelled all of the bones and joints once again on a handout and made a title page for her binder.

Next up the nervous system!

*If you would like to find any of the resources I used please take a look at my human anatomy Pintrest board*


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  2. Where did you find the child size skeleton printable? love it

  3. Sorry Deb it looks like the link to the one I used isn't working any more. I'm sure if you Google it you will be able to find some alternatives. Good luck!