Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Graphing and Charting

What's the easiest way to poll a lot of people quickly?  Facebook of course!
Last week I asked on my FB page what all of my friends and family's favourite ice cream flavours are on behalf of L.  Once the results were in I showed L how to make a tally chart.  After doing this she was able to determine which flavours were the favourites, how many people responded and how many flavours were chosen.

We went shopping for some school supplies yesterday and L was excited to get started in her new graph paper booklet.  I showed her how to make a bar graph and here are the results.

I also wanted to show L one more way to see the results of a poll or survey so I decided to show her how to do a pie chart.  Haha I quickly realized this involves some math!  Yes I had to call in reinforcements in the form of hubby to help to get the correct percentages and make up the pie chart.  L coloured each of the sections and made the colour key.  I really wanted her to do this because it is such a great visual of the results.

Stay tuned for more charts and graphs this summer!

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I hadn['t thought of such an advanced activity but now I see that 6 is a fine age to start illustrating how things are distributed - the perfect extension to the math they are doing in the Elementary classroom! We will definitely try something like this at home, since I think Zealand is a "data geek" at heart, like me.