Sunday, 17 August 2014

Human Anatomy- Internal Organs

I had pinned this cool idea from The Pinay Homeschooler ages ago and finally we got to try it out ourselves.
After finishing the nervous system I thought it would be fun to do an overview of the internal organs before we move on to the respiratory system. 

I downloaded the three part organ cards from the Pinay Homeschooler's blog and got out the clay.  L was already familiar with most of them but was interested in reading about their roles and functions in the body.  We then set to work making the organs out of modelling clay.  This was fun!  As you can see there are two sets of each organ as I joined L for this activity.

After we had finished we drew an outline of ourselves on some cardboard and looked up what the organs look like on the inside of our body.  We then attempted to put them in their correct places on our cardboard bodies.  Wow we were amazed at how much is squashed into the insides of our bodies!

Next up the respiratory system.....

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