Monday, 6 July 2015

Human Anatomy-Cells

I know a lot of people start with the cell when studying human anatomy but I decided to do it the other way round and cover all of the major systems first before delving deeper into the human makeup.
We have been eagerly anticipating getting to this part and the following studies on DNA, genes and genetics.  

I found this amazing activity on Pintrest ages ago and we finally got to try it out.
We printed out the templates and I traced them with black sharpie onto shrinky dink paper.  L then coloured all of the different organelles with pencil crayons.  I can't think of a better way to learn the parts of the cell.  They are so wonderfully tactile.

We watched several different videos on cells and got a great DVD from the library from Squibs called  Cells, DNA and adaptation.  It was composed mostly of a bunch of songs and raps all about cells and their functions.  I actually found a lot of it to be over my head but L loved it!  She was out dancing around the back yard making up the "cell rap".  Lets just say she really knows her organelles and their functions!

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