Sunday, 26 October 2014

Human Anatomy-The Digestive System

 We've finally made it to the digestive system!  Yay!  I've been looking forward to this one because there are so many cool activities to do.

After reading some books and watching a few videos on the digestive system as well as watching the Magic School Bus episode we got to work.

We got our ideas from this great blog post.
L measured out each part of her digestive system starting with her mouth using different coloured pieces of string.  I helped her tie them together and then she labelled them with their length.
mouth 3 inches, oesophagus 10 inches, stomach 6 inches, small intestine 15 feet, large intestine 4 feet.
Once she had them all tied together we went outside to see how long her actual digestive system was.  She was floored and couldn't even believe that all fit inside her tiny body!  

I coiled it all on her stomach to get an idea of how it all fit in.

Now this was a super fun hands on demonstration of how the whole process of digestion works.

First off L cut up an almond butter sandwich to represent biting.
 She then mashed it up to represent chewing with her back molars.
 Then swallowing and going down the oesophagus into the stomach.
 Pour in some coke for stomach acid.
 Mash it up with your hands to represent the stomach muscles digesting.
 Once it's an ooy gooy mess pour it into the small intestine or in this case black sock.
 Use you hands like the muscles squeezing out the nutrients that are absorbed into the blood stream.
 Use paper towels around the sock for the large intestine to get all of the moisture out.
 Cut a hole in the tip of the sock and then for the grossest part.  Well you can guess....


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