Wednesday, 17 September 2014

First weeks of Homeschool

Well homeschooling for us has "officially" started and I had no idea how busy we would be!!  September seems to be absolutely crazy busy with activities, beautiful weather, playdates and relatives visiting.

We are still managing to do tons of amazing things though.  Here is a summary of our first few weeks of homeschooling.

I haven't had a chance to take too many pictures as we have been so focussed.  We have been working on basic math facts and counting money.  L and I have a school store and we each take turns being shop keeper.  L is now adding up two items and giving change.  This has really helped her confidence with numbers.  We have also been measuring perimeter and area of objects with non standard measurement.

We recently listened to the book The Rescuers by Margery Sharp and Lina completed her first book report on it.  She absolutely loved doing this and is looking forward to doing another.

The beauty of homeschool is you can throw all plans out the window if something more exciting comes up.  On one of our morning walks we came across a perfectly intact dead dragonfly.  What excitement!! We brought it home and spent the morning studying it.  I printed off the dragonfly booklet and a part labelling booklet for L from Montessori Print Shop.  L studied each part of the dragonfly first with the magnifying glass and then with the microscope.  Once she'd learned all of the parts she made up her own booklet.

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous so we having been taking full advantage in the afternoons.  One afternoon last week we took a picnic and headed up to Mount Washington.  Sooo beautiful.  L and I took the opportunity to do some nature journaling.

This Koi fish painting was a fun effective art project.  We followed the tutorial from Art Projects for Kids.

We are slowly finding our groove and both thoroughly enjoying our time together.  These are just a few of the things we've done.  I'll be posting about the other projects in separate posts.

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