Saturday, 28 June 2014

Our day of learning naturally

Although we haven't officially started "homeschooling" our days are always filled with learning naturally.

Here is how our day went today:
Wake up and while having breakfast talk about telling time and after breakfast pull out some telling time cards we have to review.  L wears her watch and I ask her what time it is many times throughout the day.
Get dressed and go for a walk around our neighbourhood and along the creek.  Talk about how it is a salmon habitat and about how they go there to spawn and wonder if there are any there right now.

Come home and play in the back yard on the play structure and trampoline.  LJ goes down for a nap and L plays outside by herself for a while.
After she comes in for lunch we get out some envelopes and the stickers that we are going to send to friends as part of a sticker club.  L addresses the envelopes and seals them.
Quiet time on the couch silent reading.  L reads Paddington Bear.

After LJ wakes up we go out on the deck and have some snacks.  We play Simon Says body parts as L is learning the names of the bones of the body as part of another project we are doing.

Come in and while sitting on the couch L first asks if dolphins migrate.  I Google it.  No not really.  So she asks if we can find out more about the migration habits of humpback whales.  I find an online board game that tracks humpback whales on their migration from Alaska to Hawaii and back.  We play the board game together and then watch a couple short videos on whale migration.  Lastly we find some diagrams of the globe which show the migration routes.  This satisfies her curiosity for the time being.

Yep and that is why this blog is called You want to learn about WHAT??  It never ceases to amaze me what she comes up with.

L and I go to the post office and she mails her letters, we pick up some books from the library and go to her swimming lesson.
After dinner we look through a book on the human body that I got from the library and do a personality quiz that is in it.
Bedtime.  Phew.  A typical day full of nature, fun, learning and loving!

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